A new DJ and Music based 3D Chat World at Club Cooee

In the age of the internet, meeting people online isn’t unusual. We have a lot of the awesome social media and chatroom platforms, and the 3D international chat community Club Cooee GmbH is one of them.

Club Cooee GmbH company was founded in 2007 by creative and experienced game developers Alexander Jorias and Ingo Frick together with Werner Bruckner and Markus Wiekenberg. Basically the main idea of Club Cooee GmbH is to provide 3D internet platform where people from all over the world can create their own 3D avatar, meet new friends, chat, flirt, listen to music, become a DJ by sharing their favorite songs from Youtube, SoundCloud and Grooveshark  and play games with each other.

One of the latest opportunity in the Club Cooee GmbH is that users can explore each others music taste. Users can become DJ’s very simple – all they have to do is just upload their favorite songs from Youtube, SoundCloud and Grooveshark in special virtual music clubs and enjoy other DJ’s songs. Besides playing music, users also can chat and get to know each other in the 3D chatrooms, rate the music and thus help DJ’s reach new levels.

Club Cooee GmbH team ensure that users can improve their creativity by creating their own avatar, dressing it up and, of course, making and decorating chatrooms. Users and  DJ opportunities will increase by levels, CC and CP money.

Try Club Cooee for free here

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