Cloud Party: New Facebook – based 3D Virtual World

Cloud Party is a new Facebook 3D service, living in the cloud, and running on latest HTML5, Javascript and WebGL 3D browser technology. The interactive 3D avatar chat world somehow reminds of older Second  Life and Open Simversions, but ships in a fresh and cross platform technology. Although the feature list is quite limited and whole 3D world itself is either big or content rich, the usual web 3D early adaptors are already uploading and programming impressive scripts and objects.

Cloud Party: Facebook-based and user-generated 3D Virtual World

Now Facebook users can enjoy a 3D virtual world without elbow grease and waste of time by downloading or installing any software or plugins, which usually appears when you’re exploring new 3D virtual world platforms. When you want to log in to Cloud Party, you either don’t have to create a new account. You just need an average modern computer with a good browser like Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome. Log in to your Facebook account, search the application on Facebook, push the “visit website” button and you’re in. You can also log in anonymously without any account, but then you are only visiting, so building and scriping functions are not accessable.

Everything runs in the browser and loads quickly, so checking out won’t take more than few seconds and this is already the biggest advantage comparing to the inspiring and shining example virtual worlds softwares like Second Life and OpenSim.

Basically Cloud Party’s 3D virtual world is still in deep open Beta. Although users already can generate their own virtual world, 3D content and scripts, there is no market place or sharing feature yet. The developers have announced this and lots of other important features will follow in the near future. Thanks to modern technology infrastructure, developing new features hopefully won’t take too much time.

Cloud Party is founded by four experienced game developers. One of the Investors and advisors is the Second Life co-founder and famous 3D infrastructure developer Cory Ondrejka aka “Cory Linden” who is now working for Facebook and probably defining the future Facebook’s 3D approach. Another investor and advisor is Bruce Rogers, the former CTO of Cryptic Studios, a leading developer of massive multiplayer online role playing games. 

3D Virtual World Cloud Party offers possibilities for users to create and upload their own professional 3D objects (mesh) and the user experience is quite fresh, smooth and fun. After you finish the easy and fun tutorial, you will know how to create and edit 3D objects and also you will get a free house in one of the Cloud Party’s islands. Behind the opportunity to generate virtual worlds, users can chat with each other in private or open space, travel between different cloud island and also take pictures in Cloud Party and of course share them directly with Facebook friends. You can also control your 3D Avatar with point-and-click interactions (right click – direct teleport) or keyboard arrows, interact with 3D virtual world objects and use the virtual currency system called Cloud Coins, also formerly known as Cloud Bucks aka Cloud Dollars.

Of course, as Cloud Party is in its starting point there aren’t many opportunities to feed your 3D virtual world design hunger. Compared to Second Life, Cloud Party has only a handfull of features and at the moment mostly early adaptors are using and testing it.

Cloud Party probably has the biggest potential to become a major player in the 3D virtual world business. Full Facebook integration and direct connection might be the key features and using it already feels a little like Facebook in 3D. Basically Cloud Party is a great 3D Chat and a potential interactive web 3D platform, where you can meet your Facebook friends as 3D customized Avatars, and probably experience social, aristic, educational or business content in the near future.

The only thing we were irritated about was the surprising minimalistic Cloud Party’s website. So we asked the Cloud Party founder and former Cryptic StudiosLead Graphics Programmer “Jimb Esser” about the bald company’s website. He answered inworld by pointing virtually with his 3D Avatar on one of his Flying Islands  “This is the company website”

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