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Business Communications

Online conferences are an alternative to traditional meetings. Traditional conferences can be enriched by Mixed Reality using live streaming.

Your corporate films reach a new interactive dimension with the help of 3-D animation. Our team specialized in 3-D film production in virtual worlds.
We also offer SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in order to increase the popularity of your movies by publishing them on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.
Online Training

E-Learning with serious games can complement training and advanced education of your staff efficiently and cheaply. Convincing advantages of simulation in virtual 3-D spaces are the ability of the avatars to interact with their environment, the relatively low aboriginal cost and the flexibility of the simulated working environment. Virtual worlds allow you to analize an control the success of training all the time.
3-D visualization

Information overload can be visualized three-dimensional on your screen in exciting and tangible ways.

We also work closely with companies that produce 3-D prototypes and architectural models out of different materials (plaster, plastic, hot glue, etc.), if desired even in color. So we can make 3-D printing offers.

In 3-D virtual worlds, your products can be designed quickly, collectively and interactively and can also be programmed if required. We offer our 3-D product design know-how for constructing virtual prototypes and also provide the required server space.
3D server hosting

We provide server space for your work in virtual 3D worlds.
Market research

We help you to conduct effective market research and forecasts in virtual environments to get valuable customer feedback for your company.

For all subjects, we offer consulting and implementation, as well as lectures and workshops.

We offer Internet business applications and services for your company or your corporate network.

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