Web 3-D / Web 3.0 / 3-D Printing

We believe that the 3-D Internet is the successor to Web 2.0. Help us shape the Internet of the future.

We program 3D-viewer and a full 3D-online world to your needs, including a hyper-grid access and pre-designed avatars. 3-D objects can be programmed with interactive features for simulations. We have an experienced team of programmers for the object scripting.
3-D Printservice Berlin

Whether prototyping, modeling (eg for architectural models), or individual special models, with our 3D-printers you make your 3D-data and visions tangible.
Our Digital Fabricator (fabber), the BfB Rapman 3.1, offers you the possibility to print your virtual 3-D objects out physically using additive printing.
With ABS or the more environmentally friendy plastic PLA, we can print out your models and product developments (prototypes via Rapid Prototyping). Also available for small volume production.
3-D design

Our 3D-designers create 3D-objects according to your wishes. We offer content creation and programming to commercial and private customers.
We also design 3D-objects for virtual worlds platforms like:
Second Life, Second Life Enterprise, Open Sim, Twinity, Habbo Hotel, Club Cooee and IMVU
3D-communication in virtual worlds

The 3D avatar is an interactive and universal tool of a networked future in virtual worlds and nice to have for your business communication.
Consulting and conception

In addition to consulting and conception, we offer complete solutions and white label packages for small and medium-sized businesses and for corporations also.

Our programmers use among others following 3-D applications:
Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, Google Sketchup, Google Earth KMZ, SL / LSL (Linden Scripting Language)

3D-Printing: Rapman v3.1; Skeinforge, Python, Bits fom Bytes (BfB Axon)
For browser-based 3-D of applications we use among others:
Web GL, Unitiy 3D Player, Papervision3D and Google O3G.

If requested, we also create offline applications for Microsoft Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac (OSX).

We develop 3D-internet solutions specifically designed for your company. We are developers of the Web 3.0 or Web 3D-market.
The YOUin3D.com GmbH was a pioneers in Germany and has become a specialists for 3D-Internet applications and services.

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