Web 2.0

Social networks

We create and connect corporate user accounts and fan pages for your company on mayor social platforms like Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In that way your enterprise can increase customer loyalty and effect a higher level of customer identification with your brand. By the help of feedback and fan posts your business receives an additional free, dynamic and viral marketing opportunity. Furhermore, social networks are qualified fort o evaluate the interactive user data for targeted advertising (semantic targeting) and for market research.

Creating and maintenance of Internet communities (brands or topic based) is one of our fields of expertise.
Homepage creation and Web design

We design your website and provide you with professional advice to find the appropriate design conception for your business. In addition, we draft search engine optimized texts for the homepage in German and English language, if required.
Search engine optimization / Marketing / Advertising

Beside search engine optimization (SEO), which makes your site easier to find with Google and co., we also offer search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine advertising (SEA).
Software programming

We create Internet software and B2B Web solutions.
Some details about our Web 2.0 services:

Adaptation, implementation and integration of social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Xing, Linkedin, Buzz, Ustream, Foursquare, layar, Wikitude, …
Professional Web design:

Adobe CS5, inDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Papervision, …
Website flexibility with CMS (Content Management System):
Typo3, WordPress, Joomla!, Redaxo, Drupal

Web programming:

Html, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, Actionsscript …
Setting up of powerful Web software:
Blog, Forum, Online Shop System, Ecommerce, social tools …
Used scripting languages:

c ++, c#, Java, Java Skript, LSL, PHP, …

3-D server and database hosting; adjustment on request

Cloud computing solutions;
Google Apps Engine, Amazone E2C…

The Internet has changed the world. Using modern communication ways are a must-have for established enterprises and for Start-Ups as well. We help you to get into the Web 2.0 world and we keep your business up to date for the future.

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