Security – Behind the firewall

Access Restriction:

Second Life Enterprise (SLE) is secure within your corporate network behind the firewall. You can connect SLE with your database in one of the following network settings, according to your needs:

Isolated configuration (option 1): The server access is restricted to users of the local network. This is the
safest option, particularly suitable for working with sensitive data.

Intranet configuration (option 2): Access is restricted to users of the local network and online via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This option provides a balance between security and accessibility. For examble, you can allow employees outside your LAN access to SLE or grant a temporary access for external partners.

DMZ configuration (option 3): The access is allowed for authorized users from the Internet and local network users. The server is located in the „Demilitarized Zone“ (DMZ) of the corporate network, between the inner and outer firewall. This configuration offers the least amount of security, indeed, it is proper for allowing external users (e.g. customers, partners or freelancers) access to SLE without using VPN.

As administrator of Second Life Enterprise, of course it is up to you to change between the different options.

Data safety:

Actually, because SLE is located behind your firewall it is as safe as your own corporate network. All confidential and proprietary information will remain exclusively in your network.
Exception: If you use the configuration described in option 3, even authorized users outside your network have access to your SLE.

You can perform manual and automatic backups of all objects, regions and avatars inside Second Life Enterprise and can recover all contents at any saved point, if desired. SLE is a RAID system, offering maximum protection against data loss.

You have full administration rights and full control over documentation and analysis of user data as well as any server content.the appearance of the avatars can be adapted to individual needs and can be added as desired.
Because Second Life Enterprise is within your corporate network, it is as safe as your network. All confidential and proprietary information will remain exclusively in your network, protected by your firewall.

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