Second Life Enterprise

Second Life Enterprise (SLE) is a specially developed IT solution for enterprises to create their own virtual 3D environment. SLE is based on Second Life the leading technology in this sector.

SLE is physically and substantially separated Second Life. It is a complete package of hardware and licensed software. SLE can be easily integrated into existing corporate networks. SLE allows you to use the whole range of virtual world applications safely behind your own firewall.
You have the full administration rights with full control about all contents on the servers. Via LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) your existing network databases can be integrated into SLE.

As part of the basic package, you will receive an already pre-built 3D environment that is optimized for business applications. You can create, modify and add 3D content as desired.

You’ll also have soon the opportunity to purchase 3D objects on the online platform SLE Market Place.
We, as a Second Life Gold Solution Provider, are official distributor for Second Life Enterprise and are at your disposal for further questions.

Learn more about SLE on the following pages:

Basic Package
Expansion & customization
Case studies

Second Life Enterprise is a 3D environment optimized for business applications. Main feature: The system runs on your own servers in your network behind your firewall and thus provides a maximum of monitoring and security.

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