Basic package

The scope of supply includes two servers and the preinstalled Second Life Enterprise (SLE) software. By Plug and Play, the system can be connected to your network in a few hours and is ready to use.

The basic package includes seven pre-built regions with associated infrastructure, such as a large auditorium and several conference rooms.

In addition, a compilation of 5 female and 5 male business avatars is included.The object contents and the appearance of the avatars can be adapted to individual needs and can be added as desired.

SLE includes communication tools such as chat, IM and 3D Voice over IP as well as several collaboration tools for common working.

The official list price is $ 55,000 U.S.. The basic package can be ordered directly from GmbH.
We assist you with installation and customization of SLE to your personal needs.
Read more at expansions & customization.
The basic package of Second Life Enterprise consists of two servers with pre-installed software. In addition, an already pre-built virtual environment, pre-designed avatars and free use of communication and collaboration tools make it easy to get startet with SLE.

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