MetaMeets 2010: 3D Internet Developer and Community Conference

Die GmbH nimmt an Europas führender 3D-Internet Entwickler und Community Konferenz, MetaMeets 2010, teil. Die Veranstaltung findet am 7. und 8. Mai 2010 in Dublin statt. Gastredner sind unter anderem Jan Northoff ( und Sandra Lendorf (Seminal Considerations).

„The MetaMeets 2009 Internet Conference was an incredible success. Demand for virtual environment showcase opportunities has continued to rise.

With this is mind, the MetaMeets Management Team takes pleasure in announcing MetaMeets 2010:

View examples and case studies of successful community, business, political, and educational projects using 3D internet.
Attend presentations and networking activities.
Check out recent projects and opportunities.

What is MetaMeets?
MetaMeets is an annual European 3D Internet Conference for developers and users of virtual environments. MetaMeets was established in 2008 by Ze Moo and JoJa Dhara aka Jolanda Mastenbroek-Dobber.

Who should come to MetaMeets?
If you are seeking new contacts and information about virtual environments, MetaMeets is for you. MetaMeets combines entertainment, information, digital technology, and networking so that savvy participants learn more while enjoying themselves and becoming more inspired.

What does MetaMeets include?
MetaMeets offers presentations, discussions, and networking activities. Presentations cover virtual environments and examples of their successful applications. The audience can interact with representatives from organizations that provide and use these environments.

What is the difference between MetaMeets Live and MetaMeets Virtual?
Our MetaMeets conference will be held live in Dublin, Ireland. The content will be simultaneously streamed to participants in online virtual environments. The content, discussion, and networking activities will be identical. In any manner, you can listen, chat, and party with us all.

If you are interested in meeting speakers and participants live, you should register for the Dublin event and begin    your travel arrangements.

For program information, click here.
For registration information, click here.
For travel information, click here.

If you are interested in attending virtually, you should register for the Dublin Virtually Live event.

For program information, click here.
For registration information, click here.
For access information, click here.

Either way, you will have a chance to learn and network in an entertaining, productive, and cost-effective manner.“

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