Philip Linden is back

The Founder of Second Life, Philip Rosedale (better known as Philip Linden), returned to Linden Lab, inc as the new CEO. He has specific ideas for the future of Second Life.

He sets his sights on developing the technology of Second Life to make the Software easier to use and more exiting.

Philip Rosedale at the Web 2.0 Conference 2005.
Credit: James Duncan Davidson/O’Reilly Media, Inc.

„Our thinking as a team is that my returning to the CEO job now can bring a product and technology focus that will help rapidly improve Second Life. We need to simplify and focus our product priorities — concentrating all our capabilities on making Second Life easier to use and better for the core experiences that it is delivering today,“ Philip Linden says.

In the future, it shall be possible to start Second Life also in a web browser.

We are looking forward to the announced innovations.

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