film „Edd Kewin. Eine kleine, kleine Narbe“

An avatar goes to see the doctor: Is this the future communication within the health sector? The film „Edd Kewin. Eine kleine, kleine Narbe“ premiers at this years Hauptstadtkongress Berlin.

The session „ConceptHospital 8.6: the future of health“  (June 4th 2008, 14 pm, ICC, ICC-Lounge) within the Hauptstadtkongress medicine and health (June 4th-6th 2008) presents a premiere to visitors and participants: a 10-minutes-movie, set in 2028. In this movie a successful Berlin playwriter sends his avatar out to look for a suitable hospital for an upcoming operation within the virtual reproductions of Berlin clinics. Based on the recommendation of a „befriended“ avatar, the playwriters avatar visits a hospital, receives consultation by the head physician which includes the simulation of pains and scarves, and finally „books“ a date for the real operation of his „master“, the playwriter. The avatar of the head physician is called and talks like Prof. Dr. med. Jan Langrehr, head physician of the departement of visceral surgery  at the Waldkrankenhaus Spandau. Professor Langrehr accompanied the film production as consultant and will be present at the session.
The movie – that should not be taken too serious – is set in reality as well as in the virtual world of Second Life®. It was produced by the agency specialized in health economy PR-Agentur WOK and realized by Berlins specialists for threedimensional webcontent, The film was directed by Christian Asbach. The project was developed by the three founders of „ConceptHealth“: the physicians Dr. Markus Müschenich, Dr. Dirk Richter and Dr. Pascal Scher. „ConceptHealth“ is a  brainpool that occupies itself with the future of our health system.

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