[COVID-19] Corona-Virus Info (EN)

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[COVID-19] Corona-Virus Info (EN)

We still offer 3D printing services, especially for fighting the Covid19 using 3d printers. (#HomeOffice)

[UPDATE 25.03.2020]
Participation / Teilnahme an:
(DE) http://medprint.org/
Work Groups / Arbeitsgruppen:
(DE) https://discourse.data-against-covid.org/
A DIY ventilator is better than no ventilator:
(EN) https://t.me/mcguyverventilator

We try to help fight the corona-virus with our 3D-printing-services.
In general we try to stay open for business by home office, and remote control.

General 3D-printing-requests are being processed, but we also focus on researching how to use 3D-printing against COVID-19.


We believe 3D-printing has a chance to aid in the fight since it can be used as a cheap globally available and on-demand production-system.

We are aware that we are not doctors, and all Information we can give is:

Do not use any 3D-printed DIY-medical devices without speaking to a doctor!

What we think we can not do:
Creating or sharing a 3D-printable respirator, mask, or other vital medical devices without medical supervision and / or for private use.
Until now we only do research, what might be a good idea, connect and interact with doctors and medical experts, to find out what makes sense, and what is needed to get it done. If you have fitting skills, go ahead and contact us: info@YOUin3D.com

What we think we can do:

Offer our 3D-printing- and 3D-design-services to support selected, medical guided open-source medical devices and possible 3D-printed hygiene-devices or simple medical-devices.

We can also help developing and 3D-design medical devices, if we get medical input and guidelines.

OPEN DOCUMENT about „3D-printing against Coronavirus“:
COVID-19 3D Printing Material Collection and Link-List:

If you have any further ideas, recommendations, projects or are working with medical equipment please contact us at info@YOUin3D.com .


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