Learn Scrum from a certified Scrum Master in Berlin

3D Webdesign and Internet agency YOUin3D.com GmbH now offers Scrumtraining with Jan Northoff for everyone who is intereseted in learning how to keep promises to the customers and succeed in team work planning.

Earlier this year Jan Northoff, the founder of YOUin3D.com GmbH got his Scrum Master certification. He got certified on February 27 in California by finishing the Scrum Master training held by Jeff Sutherland, Scott Downey and Dan Greening.

Jeff Sutherland is one of the co-writers of the Agile Manifesto and he is know as one of the inventors of the free time and project management tool Scrum.

Since 2010 the YOUin3D.com GmbH team already uses Scrum as an agile time management and money saving tool. The company is doing great, and even more important the team has much more fun working together.

As a certified Scrum Master, Jan Northoff is now allowed to teach Scrum for others who are interested in making their time planning and work life much more fun and easier. Everybody who is interested in this magical agile time management tool called Scrum can contact Jan Northoff. He is always happy to help others understanding and using this powerful concept of doing things, and getting things done.

In a few words: Scrum is one of the best time management tools we found. The basic idea of Scrum is that it makes your work more effective and transparent for the whole team and it also helps you save much time and money. Everyone in the team knows what is done and what needs to be done next in order to reach the goal, just by giving more freedom in the “how to do things” and help keeping the boss in his dedicated field: Deciding how Product looks like and what the features are.. At the moment this time management tool is used mainly in software development, but you can also use it for any project or even any given problem. To get to know more about Scrum read our blog about Scrum.

For more information about Scrum training at the YOUin3D.com GmbH contant us:

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