Virtual conferences and meetings

Virtual conferences and meetings are an attractive alternative to host your events economically. You decide whether your event will be relocated completely into the virtual world or whether an ongoing real event shall be enhaced by virtual features.

The example of the IBM Academy of Technology shows that savings of 80% compared to real events are possible and the technology is already being used successfully today.

You can hold your presentation within Second Life while streaming videos at the same time

In contrast to inflexible web conferences virtual worlds like Second Life® offer various capabilities for interaction and visualization.
The Second Life viewer supports 3-D-Voice-over-IP and other communication facilities and also has an instant messenger as well as an open chat.
You can integrate presentations, video and audio files, and even complete interactively usable web sites within Second Life into your virtual conference rooms.

Socializing/confidential talks

3-D environments extend Web Conferencing to another dimension. As in real conferences virtual worlds offer the opportunity to provide additional rooms around the event. Those rooms can be customized to your requirements. Participants have the opportunity to establish contacts and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere and to have confidential talks.

Benefits for organizers and participants

As the event hoster, you can hold multiple events simultaneously and in addition provide dynamic information like corporate videos, websites, online tools and interactive 3-D objects.

Your employees and other participants from all over the world can participate in your event online without jet lag. So you spare them a stressing trip.

Besides the reduction of organizational costs, your business benefits from productivity increases.
Absenteeism through travel can be reduced. Your employees can immediately continue to work after the conference.

The GmbH is the right contact on affairs of your internal corporate communication in virtual worlds. We will advise you in terms of profitability and safety. We seek the best solution for your needs and implement them for you.

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