Product design & Prototyping

3-D product visualizations make material, texture, processing, and the functioning of products visible and tangible. Already in the planning and development process, products can be efficiently represented and analyzed using 3D models. With little effort, different test versions are being created and evaluated.

In the virtual world Second Life, the 3-D models can also be designed and modified interactively and in real time. This saves time when creating the first prototypes.

The 3-D representation increases the spatial imagination of the people. That offers new capabilities for efficient production, sales and marketing. The case study of Northrop Grumman shows the capabilities of product design and prototyping within Second Life, using the examble of the development of an armored robot.

Our services include 3-D visualization of products and packaging. Our designers create 3-D models to your specifications and print them out as tangible models with our 3-D printer.
In addition, we inform you and give you advise of the possibilities and advantages of prototyping within Second Life.
3-D product visualizations improve planning, production, marketing and sales.

You can design 3-D prototypes interactively and in real-time within Second Life.

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