Second Life®

Second Life® is an internet-based 3D infrastructure, a construction kit to create content for a virtual world. In this world human beings interact, carry on a trade and communicate in numerous ways. The permanent 3D surrounding is completely user-created. The very close to reality simulation of the setting makes users dive into a lifelike, interactive world that encompasses several ten thousand hectar. The application is online ever since 2003 and by now has more than eleven millions registered users.

As Second Life® disposes of a virtual currency (L$, Linden™ Dollar) that is transferable to US $, the world is integrated into the real business cycle. Numerous companies already have a Second Life® appearance and present their brand and product worlds.

The reason for this is very simple: Without enormous costs companies can produce and distribute virtual products, do market research and advertising. That is why Adidas® has a virtual store, where users can by shoes from the latest collection for thei avatars. Further companies such as BMW®, FriendScout24®, Mercedes Benz®, Mazda®, IBM®, Reebok®, Sony BMG® and further also have set up virtual branches. Every Since may 3th 2007 the Deutsche Post® is represented as well. At the virtual headquarter, Post Tower on Post Island, visitors can create postcards, which the company then sends as real greeting card to the real world. In time for the CeBIT 2007® Sony Ericsson® has set up a region and in an ample cross world campaigne advertises terminal products, together with a lottery. JobScout24® also has taken on the cross world concepts and has extended its search engine® for the residence „Second Life®“, offering jobs especially for Second Life®.

Second Life® as Web 2.0 application with wide communication possibilites

Second Life® provides various possibilities to communicate with other users:

via text chat users situated in the same surrounding can communicate with each other
via voice chat (VoIP) users can talk to a single person or groups
via Instand Message direct and private talks with every Second Life® resident are possible
notecards can be handed out, friends lists can be set up and groups founded and joined
screenshots can be emailed as postcards
Second Life® offers further auditory and visual possibilities. Audio and video content can be streamed from any URL to the virtual world. Various radio and tv station already broadcast in Second Life®.

Second Life® – 3D-Internet of the future!

The internet of the future is three-dimensional. Human beings are threedimensional and therefore in dealing with two-dimensional content have to abstract. Three-dimensional depictions are closer to the way humans perceive. Various companies already are sure of this and the success of the online application Second Life® leaves no doubt. Two- and three-dimensional internet will merge.
Second Life® is a 3D online infrastructure, a toolbox to create virtual worlds.

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