Communication defines common actions on the level of human everyday life in which thoughts, ideas, perceptions, experiences are being disclosed or coming into existance. When describing social relations communication can be seen as a process in which various human being interact with each other.

Modern corporate communication makes use of numerous ways to get in touch with the target group. From the diversity of possible activities their integrated communications has to create a closed communications system that conveys a consistent image of the company and its products and services. Our services in this regard are adjusted to communication activities in virtual worlds. The online platform Second Life® and the virtual city BERLINin3D are our present framework for such activities.

increase of level of awareness of brands and products
opening of new target groups
improvement of the effects of communications activities by using an innovative media
improvement of consumer’s acception
increase of motivation and identification of staff
improvement of address of target group (reduction of „information overload“)
differentiation within the competition
realisation of cost minimizing potentials
Communications in virtual worlds – essential part of consistent corporate communication.

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