Second Life on internet browser

Linden Lab wants to enable access to Second Life (SL) without a complete download of the Second Life software (viewer) soon. In a two-week test and development phase, a limited number of users (avatars) will be able to log in into SL directly from their web browser (MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari eg.). The test is expected to be launched early November 2010 and already fits in the announcement of the company to make the access to their avatar-based 3D virtual world Second Life easier and faster in the future.

Visitors will get a 60 minutes limited test-avatar for each log in. They will be able to move freely in chosen locations of the virtual world and they will also be able to communicate with residents (SL users) via chat. Voice chat (3D-Skype) or an inventory will not be available for the test avatars. The test run is primarily addressed to Second Life newcomers (newbies). Linden Lab hopes to get feedback information and data for the development of a browser-based login and for further improvements of new releases in Second Life.

BERLINin3D in Google Chrome browser Second Life
This is how Second Life could look like in Google Chrome (Screenshot from the virtual German capital Berlin „newBERLIN“ in Second Life)

The company GmbH participates with the the virtual city model of Berlin, Germany, one of the exclusive venues, and takes part in the development of the software. The access to Second Life will be comparable to browser games like Farmville and Mafia Wars (Zynga) and an integration with Facebook and other social networks is thus conceivable in the future.

The next big news is the long-awaited import of 3D polygon objects (meshes) into the virtual world. Since October, 3D design program-generated three-dimensional data can be uploaded and tested in the public Second Life beta-Grid.
Read more in our announcement of September 2010.

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