BERLINin3D is the true to scale reproduction of Berlin in Second Life®. With the concept of a virtual city a multifaceted setting is coming to existence that both companies and visitors can use to provide respectively consume entertainment as well as information, simply to communicate. As operator of BERLINin3D is reassuring the attractivity of the location by arranging a manifold choice of entertainment and information: institutions for art and culture, e-learning, company branches, events, parties and more. Especially events that take place in real Berlin are duplicated in BERLINin3D. Our aim is to make the city a place that is both entertaining and useful to visitors. Among others this is made possible by using the interactive and multimedia tools of Second Life®.

The lively setting provides various advertising and marketing possbilities to companies: a virtual branch, eventually at the geographically corresponding location, billboard advertising, eventmarketing and -sponsoring, streetpromotion, roadshows and many further ways and occasions to approach the costumer. Audio- and videostream as well as linkings to homepages can be set up and market research can be conducted.
With its innovative concept the virtual city offers companies and visitors alike manifold occasions and tools to communicate and by that a very special and effective online-experience.

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