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echa Kucha on Tuesday, 06/28/2011

„We have been working since November 2010 with Scrum. The workflow has improved greatly since then. We now can estimate much better how much effort each project, or each project phase, really needs. The definition of a project and a clear division into stories and tasks makes our work more efficiently. Our customers benefit from clearer cost estimates and a simple visualisation of the individual steps. I am so excited about scrum, that I’ve been using it even for my private everyday tasks. “
Jan Northoff, CEO of GmbH

Scrum is a method for product development and was developed originally 1986 by Nonaka and Takeuchi (The New New Product Development Game).

The focus of the Scrum process model is the ongoing assessment and consequent development of manufacturing processes, equipment, methods, and labor itself.

Scrum has been established as a revolutionary project management in software development and rejects the traditional methods of communication and project management. Customers and partners benefit from the transparent and understandable project implementation, the open division in self-organized teams and the involvement of all stakeholders.

In its specific sequence scrum divides between Project Owner, Scrum Master and Team. The “Sprint” is split up in client oriented user stories, consisting tasks to do, exceptions or forgotten tasks.
The result is a consistent and transparent workflow that uses the  team reasonable and does not deceive customers. The planning takes place in what is called a Sprint Planning.
Scrum helps to create a planning culture in the company with its regular events like “Daily Scrum”, “Sprint Planning”, “Sprint Review” and “Sprint Retrospective” carried out jointly by all project participants.

If you have a small or medium sized company, a creative project or organisation, and want to be better organized, ask us about SCRUM.
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