Second Life Grid Gold Solution Provider Program

Excerpt of Linden Lab´s press release:

Linden Lab Launches Gold Solution Provider Program for Second Life

International Program Identifies 31 Firms with Proven Success Helping Organizations with Projects in the Virtual World

SAN FRANCISCO — May 27, 2009 — Linden Lab®, creator of the virtual world Second Life®, today announced its new Gold Solution Provider Program. A first for the virtual worlds industry, the new program is designed to identify highly qualified firms that offer services and develop content for enterprises, governments, educational institutions and individuals in Second Life. Second Life has a large Solution Provider community that includes more than 250 firms around the globe, with varying areas of specialization and experience. Following a thorough application and vetting process, 31 Second Life Solution Providers have today been accepted into the new Gold Program. These firms, roughly half of which are based outside of the United States, are recognized as particularly well qualified for enterprises or educational institutions planning work or learning environments in Second Life.

Today, many large global organizations and educational institutions, such as Adobe, BT, Xerox, Michelin and Imperial College London, are creating custom workspaces and applications in Second Life that increase productivity, creativity and innovation while cutting the costs and ecological impact of travel. Additionally, many organizations are using Second Life to provide unique opportunities to engage with their brands, raise awareness of and money for charitable causes, experience works of art that may not otherwise be accessible and more. Many organizations turn to members of Linden Lab’s Solution Provider Program to help them get started and achieve their objectives in the virtual world.

Linden Lab’s Solution Provider Program is unique to the virtual worlds industry, with more than 250 organizations and individuals around the globe providing a wide range of consulting, design and building services in Second Life. Firms in the program help organizations new to Second Life get started by providing services that can range from developing environments, producing events and conferences and marketing to Second Life communities. Linden Lab has today accepted 31 Solution Providers from the US, the UK, Europe and Asia into the new Gold Solution Provider Program, confirming these firms as being particularly well qualified.

„Innovative enterprises, military organizations, government agencies and educational institutions are actively using virtual worlds for distance learning, training and simulation,“ said Tom Hale, Chief Product Officer at Linden Lab. „The Gold Solution Provider Program makes it easy to find experienced partners that can deliver high-quality experiences for a wide range of Second Life projects.“

Read the complete press release here.

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