Zweitgeist company opens in BERLINin3D

What is it like to take an avatar and set off for the world of the internet? The new „weblin Gate“ gives the answer to this question – due to this gate you can use a Second Life® avatar to move through the internet. Teleport made simple!

All Second Life® residents can experience this new way of moving through the internet. To obtain such a flexible avatar they first have to go to BERLINin3D and to the weblin house there, located close to the tv tower at Alexanderplatz.

The Second Life® address is:

Within the weblin house there are two rooms, the foyer and the photo studio.

Now they have to move to the cashpoint (teleport is free) and to the studio, where photographer Paule is waiting. On the stage within the studio pictures of all possible animations are taken, only taking a few minutes.

After all data is processed the user receives a link to the weblin homepage. If he already has a weblin account he can right away start using his Second Life® avatar as new weblin avatar. If not, he can download the weblin client for free and also start using his new old avatar to browse the internet.

Weblin works with all websites, e.g. MySpace, MSN, Google, Ebay and and thereby connects people with the same interests and needs. Weblin is a product completely controlled by its users, offering full freedom of movement and choice.

With weblin users decide when and where to talk to whom.

Find out more about weblin on
The weblin Gate in newBERLIN has been realized in cooperation with

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