limited established

The beginning of this success story lies in December 2006, when Jan Northoff and Tobias Neisecke started to grow their idea of reproducing Berlin as newBERLIN in Second Life®, in a true to scale version. Shortly after, in January 2007, a partnership under German Civiel code, called „“, was established.

After a period of thorough planning, the first part of newBERLIN was presented to the public, accompanied by an overwhelming media coverage. Shorty after, first costumers opend their branches in newBERLIN and the virtual city started to expand, to a size now nine times bigger than its first part. It it visited by around 20.000 avatars per month from all over the world.
Ever since September 2007 there furthermore is an official Second Life® landing point at newBERLIN, from that time one more than 40.000 users have set up their Second Life® account on the newBERLIN website, and entered Second Life® for the first time at newBERLIN. Regular and enthusiastic visitors founded the „newBERLIN_Streetlife“ group that by now has more than  10.000 members and is the largest German community in Second Life®.

Besides the production of movies in Second Life®, entered a further field in virtuality and started the project CAMPUSin3D.

With the limited company you have a strong and competent partner for all the projects you plan to realize in virtuality.

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