Health Trend Report: Best Practice Case

The film production „Edd Kewin. Eine kleine, kleine Narbe.“ was honoured as „Best Practise Case“ by TrendONE, Europes leading company for micro-trend research, in the context of its trendscannings: The film was included in the „Health Trend Report„.

The publication of the „Health Trend Report“ was accompanied by the „Think Tank Health 2020 – Will we live forever?“ on August 21st 2008 at Hamburg. Participants discussed topics such as „Healthstyle“, „Health Technologies“, „Cross-over Medicine“, „Prevention & Selfcare“, „New Business Solutions“ and „Innovative Marketing Ideas“. The Think Tank consisted of experts from TrendONE and marktrausch as well as renowend specialists that debated latest innovations within the health sector.

Keynote Speakers Tobias Neisecke

Tobias Neisecke, medicine and one of the the managers of, delivered a keynote on the topic „Health Care in Web 3.0“ and informed about the background of „Edd Kewin. Eine kleine, kleine Narbe„.

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